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Re: ACS question - What should I do?

Wonderin wrote:

Susyquk wrote:

Is there any way you could pm me this contact information?


I would really appreciate it 

Done and done! :smileywink:


No appreciation needed! Just remember to post a thread if you're successful. There's enough people out there who think that student loans GWing is impossible -- so they could really use the hope, yannow?


And just remember to pass the FICO love on! :smileyhappy:


Best of luck!! :smileyhappy:

Well I appreciae it anyway so :smileytongue:


I just sent an email to the contact you gave me (from my husbands email account, of course, since it is his loan)


The email I sent was as follows:


I located your name and email address on the Internet when I was searching for the name of someone at ACS who I could contact in regard to my student loan.  As part of the Resolution Management Group I am hoping that you may be able to assist me.

My account number is xxxxxxxx and I have held this loan with ACS for some time now.

Back in September of 2007 and January of 2008 I was late in making payments to your company due to an extreme personal situation.  I had just started my first job out of nursing school which meant relocating to Dallas.  At that time all of my calculations for budget were based on two things:

1) I was able to obtain 2 guaranteed shifts per month of overtime.  I was assured that this was the minimum that would be required of me.  Unfortunately in September when I started at my job I was told that overtime was no longer available and that if I requested it then my position in the hospital would be terminated.  Having no job would be far more of a hardship than not getting overtime and besides that money was meant to be a "bonus" on top of what I needed to live because

2) I would have a roommate in the house that I was renting - my roommate did indeed move in in September of 2007 and stayed until December of the same year.  Unfortunately he did not pay me any rent during this time and would lock himself in his room only coming out when I was at work so that I could not evict him.  During this time I had to pay the full amount of rent so that I would not be evicted and could keep a roof over my head. 

I should have, at this juncture, applied for a suspension of my payments but to be honest with the combination of the move and the lack of money coming in and doing everything I could (including working a second part time job) just to keep a roof over my head and electricity to the house it was the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately I had not changed the address that the statement was sent to and by the time I was in a position to pay the September 2007 payment I was already overdue.  In January of 2008 I was unable to get any additional part time work and was waiting for my girlfriend to arrive to live with me so that would have an additional source of income to ensure that all of my monthly commitments could be met.  I literally had not a penny to my name that month and I struggled to even eat - ACS was one of the companies who I had to let down and for that I am truly sorry.

I have since then managed to make at least the minimum payment each month and my (now) wife and I are trying to make more than the minimum payments right now so that we can reduce the debt and the term of the loan.  We are in the process of trying to purchase a house for our (soon to be) growing family and I am hoping that you may be able to assist me in getting these lates removed from my history.

As you know the credit market is very wary at the moment and although these are anomalies on my report they are still weighing heavily on my credit score.  I want to do the best by my wife, family, myself and the creditors who I already work with.  ACS has been wonderfully helpful in the past, the CSRs are always a pleasure to talk to and any and all information I have requested has always been quickly delivered.  I hope that you can find it in your heart to, as a gesture, of goodwill remove these items from my history that is sent to each of the Credit Reporting Agency so that I may continue to be an excellent client of an even more excellent company.

Thank you for your time in reading this and for any help that you may be able to provide.


Adam D


Will let y'all know if it works! Here's hoping