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Re: Private student loan - Revolving account or installment loan?


SMikulski49 wrote:

I co-signed on a stuent loan. We qualified for 75,000 max but so far she only took 6,573. This is reporting as a revolving account, the 6,573 amount is added to all my caredit card balances. Why do my student loans report as installment loans and this one reports as a revolving account when its just a personal student loan taken out. Is this good or bad that its showing up like this? When I click on details for this account it says largest past balance 75,000, under descriptions it says line of credit and payment deferred.


Thanks for your help everyone




I don't know a whole lot about student loans but I thought ALL SL's were considered installment. But I could be wrong. Have you contacted the lender about this? It could just be coded incorrectly.


Because it's included as a revolving account it is most definitely hurting your score.




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