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Re: Private student loan - Revolving account or installment loan?

Sorry for posting on both threads, I wrote the other one and then realized that the second part of my questions is more loans related so i posted it here as i thought i would get more responses.


I will give my credit union a call and ask them, last time i checked my credit report i didn't notice it showing up like that. My transunion report does not even show this loan on the report. 


Having this report as revolving account do they think its a credit card or something? i mean i am using 6K out of 75K available so i would see how this can go under revolving accounts. 


I dont mind cz my credit score is getting higher and higher every time i check it, i am just curious if she pays off the loan off will that be like closing a credit card? and that in fact would lower my credit score?  


just curious how it all works hehe


thanks for all your comments guys, id be lost with out you Smiley Happy