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Student Loan - Defaulted then Paid by INS then went to CA

OK so I had TWO student loans originally:


-Sally Mae-----$4000

Current Status: "Pays As Agreed"

Loan opened 11/2003

Reported: 9/2007

First Delinquency:

Closed: 9/2007

Comments: "Balance paid or being paid by insurance company"

Description: Transfer/Sold/Paid


-Sally Mae-----$2561

ACCT Status: Pays As Agreed

Loan opened 10/2004

Reported: 11/2010

Last Payment: 11/2004

First Delinquency: 11/2004

Comments: "Charged off account. Variable Adjustable Rate"


Im guessing they sold the debt to these guys because now I have this:


-National Student Loan---$5115

Date Opened: N/A

Date Reported: 11/2008

Date Major First Delinquency: 11/2008

Date First Delinquency: 02/2006

Comments: "Collection Account"


-National Student Loan---$3283

Date Opened: N/A

Date Reported: 11/2008

Date Major First Delinquency: 12/2007

Date First Delinquency: 02/2006

Comments: "Collection Account"


I had my loan reconsolidated and they check has been mailed, but I have also had these people from "Account Control Technologies" calling me and hounding me, although I dont see them anywhere on any of my credit reports.. Weird.


Since it says "Collection Account" under the National Student Loan entries..doesnt that mean they went into collections as well?


So now I am getting a Direct Loan through the William D. Ford Program. (2.47%..not bad Smiley Happy


So I now have only one shiny new student loan.


 Ummm so hows it work...? Sally Mae sold it to National Student Loan, they turned it over to a collection agency, and whoever has my loan now is going to pay off Account Control Technologies?




When does this stuff go off my credit? Dont the Sally Mae ones go off 7 years from the date of first delinquency?


But what about the National Student Loan ones? Dont they go off at the same time as well? Since they are actually the same debt? I didnt sign anything with them they just sold the debt to NSS right?


Basically, when does this bad stuff go away? I really would like to clear up my credit. Any help would be GREATLY apreciated!


I hpe the clock didnt start ticking again on any of this Smiley Sad PLEASE tell me all this stuff goes away after 7 years from 11/2004 and these crooks didnt restart the clock by selling the debt or tranferring it or sending it to a CA Smiley Sad



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