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Re: Student Loan - Defaulted then Paid by INS then went to CA

Heres what Ive found:


Loan1: Sally Mae

Opened 10/2004


Date of First Delinquency: 11/2004


Loan2: Sally Mae

Opened 11/2003

Closed 9/2007

Date of First Delinquency: "N/A"




Loan1: National Student Loan

Opened: "N/A"

Closed - Doesnt say

Date of First Delinquency: 2/2006


Loan2: National Student Loan

Opened:  "N/A"

Closed: Doesnt say

Date of First Delinquency: 2/2006


Both these entries show as turned over to collections


So at some point National Student Loan turned both loans over to Account Control Technology, or sold it. IDK. Both NSL lines are listed as "open" on the trade line but they are both also listed on my EQ report under Closed Accounts. So which is it? lol


I had asked for a statement from ACS and the guy did a "Print Screen" on his computer showing both loans and sent it to me. Real classy lol.


All it showed was my previous balance and my new balance pretty much.




So my question still remains...can I dispute the date of first delinquency with National Student Loans and claim it was the first day I missed a payment with Sally Mae, or did the clock start over when they acquired the debt and started reporting?


Could I, for isntance, DV National Student Loan and see if they ingore? Is that my only option at this point? They are not a collection agency so paying them to delete is not an option(I dont mean pay off the debt, I know that it is already "paid". I mean straight up pay them to erase it, I would think a collection agency MIGHT be willing to, but not a student loan co. lol)


On the other hand, on my report it still shows that the National Student Loan lines are "open". Either ACT bought the debt from NSL, and NSL forgot to or did not update my credit report. OR National Student Loan hired ACT as a third-party CA.


I am currently in the process of a consolidation through Direct Loans.


Im just wondering what the best course of action would be. Looking back, I should have rehabbed first but really I dont have a year to wait. They had already sent a letter stating garnishment would commence 3/25/2011. I had to request a hearing with them to buy time while I consolditated. It was my only option. They were going to take $300/mo out of my paycheck and once it starts it is very difficult to stop, even once the loan is paid through consolidation I have heard of people still getting garnished. Granted, it goes towards the loan but sheesh. $300/mo? It like $9400!.


So what should I do?


Will National Student Loan be on my CR until 2/2013? Or can I DV them and make them update it to the original Date of First Delinquency with Sally Mae of 11/2004?


Thanks for reading whoever stuck through this without falling asleep lol. Im a newbie to all this, Im no dummy but all the different info out there sure muddys the water ya know?



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