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Re: Student Loan - Defaulted then Paid by INS then went to CA

Well, after determined effort I have gotten the National Student Loan tradelines completely removed from all three credit reports. :smileyhappy:


I have 3 negative tradelines with Sallie Mae to deal with, well really two because at least one will fall off at the end of the year...


I just got to keep trying on the other two Sallie Maes I guess..maybe they will get tired of responding my disputes :smileyhappy:


I have two that supposedly became delinquent in March 2006, which is bull because I opened them in 2003 and never paid anything on them. I graduated in 9/16/2004 and if I am not mistaken they were deferred for 6 months after graduation. So I would have had to start payment March 2005. Seems they are off by a year.


I will continue to dispute these TLs until the day the naturally expire or are remove :smileyhappy:

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