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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Hey Man,


Well, I hope I can pay the karma forward to you.


I have a loan through Direct Loans.  Back a couple of years ago, I let it get waaaay out of hand it was around 120 days past due.  I called DL and set up a rehab program (they really are about the most helpful people in the world).  I was told that if I make either 9 or 10, I think 10 months worth of payments, that they would rehab the loan and the TLs would be deleted that showed the lates.


Fast forward a year and some change and I had paid the 10 months.  Within a month's time, automatically, the negative tradelines disappeared.  I literally had a ton of marks on my CR because of DL and now all it shows is positive tradelines.  I hope you experience the same thing, but again, I have my loan through Direct Loans.

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