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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Well I'll let you know what happens.


Was hoping someone would have been through this to get an idea but guess we're not in that common of a situation.


My 9th payment is July 15th so hopefully I can find out then.


I'm not being garnished since I started my rehab and was self employed before moving to Colorado. I initiated the rehab once I started working here. At the time they didn't even know what state I was in. However my Federal returned was garnished even though I was 4 months into the rehab at the time. State wasn't touched.


One thing I don't like is how 95% of all my payments are towards interest and fees. I'm in an agreement that my fees would drop off and my interest would be reduced once rehab is complete. But if I was responsible 12 years ago I wouldn't be in this situation.


Hopefully I can have a deducible on these payments since it's nearly all interest next years return.