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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

I'm looking forward to your info personally.


My 9th payment is 7/15. I'm hoping that they do age my new TL to '99. Until last summer I didn't worry too much about my credit just thought it was trashed due to the SL.Once I checked my CR after the move and saw it was completely blank with no SL at all I dug up a collection letter and asked for rehab. I was hoping that I could avoid the student loan coming back and hurting me before rehab was complete. To that end I think I succeeded. Eight on time payments and no negatives on my CR.


However, since I started building my credit I now have AAoA at 2 months with the oldest being 8 months. So if they do put a new TL dating back to '99 with pays as agreed then I'll be a very happy camper


I also agree with you on negotiating lowest possible payments for rehab. I actually just let them tell my what I'll be paying. Looking back now I could have probably got a much lower payment and saved thousands since the fees and interest will be cut soon anyways.


I'm hoping for a decent deducible next years taxes since most of all these payments were interest along with 100% of my '10 return