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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Hello.  Recently I began rehabing my loans.  While Rehabilitation was very straight forward for many of you, for me it was a crooked path.  Student Loan Rehabiliation - I have read everything I could find on it.  In Psychology there is this thing called "replacement" where you swap one self destructive behavior or addiction for a possitive "healthy addiction".  That's me.  I had was the worst storybook case you could imagine. 


Trade lines from 94 to 99 then more later

One set with one creditor

another with another

Some on the books, (showing on FICO) others dropped off


First set of trade lines - 9th payment made - did all the things I was told - 9 months later, letter.... then another saying my loan was picked up- about 2 weeks later

19th of the month...

by the 1st of this month, all the stuff is gone from credit - vanished

next week or so it should show as multiple trade lines all with paid as required and a backdate



The second set of loans is worse.  Even more money.  Even more trade lines.

However it is not on my credit.


I was told this did not matter by US Department of Ed phone - they said because of one organization closing it out and sending to another, then another, then another, and then finally another that this is all an attempt at finding and getting payment on the loans.  One set was with DCS and then not, and then a week later back again after they found me and were working with me....

Anyway I had 12 other unpaid items

I got 7 paid

now all that remains is housekeping on 5 neg items

6 inquirees that are about to drop off

and allllll these trade lines that are going to get possitive


so thats whats happening now... will update later.