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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Update:  Got a letter today from DOE dated 7/13 congratulating me on the rehab.  They also said that I am eligible for all loans, deferments, etc as I was when I started the loan.  Most importantly, it also stated that they will update all bureau's that I am no longer in default status.  Lastly it plainly said that Direct Loans will be contacting me soon to work out the payments.


So all in all, the contact from them has been solid, all questions have been answered by the documents they have been mailing me.  I'll be sure to check back in when my reports are rid of a the 7 default status tradelines...

EX-774 (Amex Fico) 8/12
EQ-725 (Fico) 1/12
TU-729 (Fico) 3/12