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Re: O6 - I was talking about his unpaid loans... those don't...

UPDATE:  Got a letter from Direct Loans this time saying that my loan is rehabbed and  out of default status.  They also sent me a  letter stating that my first payment is due on 9/7.  The payment is the same payment I negotiated with NCO..  They do however say that I can call and try to set up new terms.  I'm also getting .25% off of my interest rate simply by paying electronically.   So, now I'm just waiting for the reports to update.  The DOE reported to Experian within the first few days of July, when the loan hadn't come out of default yet.  Hopefully TU and EQ report for July or early in August and I'll be able to relay the info to whoever is keeping up with this thread.  They don't report every month, sometimes they take a month off...hopefully not.

EX-774 (Amex Fico) 8/12
EQ-725 (Fico) 1/12
TU-729 (Fico) 3/12