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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines
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cflinkman wrote:

The new loan dates allllll the way back to when I opened the first loan, so that is also a plus.  I am waiting, fingers crossed that all the negs are removed.  I mean, at the very least, they can't keep them on there the way they are, making it look like I owe double the amount I owe.


No score change yet, but it is still early, these changes happened yesterday afternoon.

Good to hear. That gives me hope. As I said I have a very thin CR, no negatives, SL not on reports and an AAoA at 3 months and oldest TL 10 months. If the new TL dates back to '99 then my score should shoot up.


But anyways here's my

UPDATE: Today I received a letter from DOE stating my loan is rehabilitated and I'm now eligible for all benefits. Also stated they notified CRA's to delete the record of default from my CR's and my SL has been transferred back to Direct Loans. And that I would be contacted soon to set up a payment plan.


I can't wait to see the TL show up on my CR if it will be like cfinkman's dating back to original date. Adding 12 years to my thin report should help.