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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

FicoTron wrote:

tooleman694 - who was your original lender for your loan, and who picked it up?  i'm just curious because it seems that some will remove all negative info, and like you in your case, some don't. 


tburns - i'm not sure, i just looked at my reports one day a few weeks ago and all of the negs are still reporting as collections for the full amount, then the positive one is there for the full amount.  I am scared that they are going to leave the negative late payments on and just nix the collection status, like they did for tooleman694.

Just as there was some inconsistency in the intepretation of the statues here on the board (myself included), it seems there are some inconsistencies in the intepretation of the statues amongst the different financial institutions that provide student loans.  I don't think it is even cut and dry within the institutions either as you can get a different answer depending on who you speak with.  It's fantastic for the ones that have been able to get all of the baddies removed from their report, but a little less sweet for the ones that were only able to get the status changed after rehabilitation.

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