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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Well, all my lates leading up to the defaults had aged off and all that was showing was the default itself.  Experian is reporting correctly for me so that score is over 720 but the other two are not reporting correctly.  My Equifax is 673 and TU is 664 or something like that.  In any event, my middle score of 673 is good enough for FHA.  I did have to do a supplemental report thing where a lady from Credco conferenced me in with Direct Loans and they confirmed that the loans were rehabbed, etc.  This is after I sent them copies of all the documentation. 


That said, he couldn't get me approved on a conventional at all because of the defaults showing, even with all the documentation I have.  If I was doing a 30 year that would be a huge issue because a 720 score would get me a nice conventional with less MI than FHA but since I'm doing a 15 year Mortgage the MI is much lower and it comes out about even.