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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

I just started rehabing my loans with three collection agencies.  My Loans were Sallie Mae, Direct Loans, and Great lakes Higher Education...I've made 3 payments so far...on payment #2 GLHE updated mi CR's with a positive loan now, and I do not see a negative one on any of my 3 CRs...the other two are showing the Defaul status obviously until I make my 9th payment in April.  The collection agencies I'm working with are NCO, DCS, and FAMS if that helps anyone...I am hoping it will help bump my scores next year!  Hubby is getting out of the Army on a medical retirement, and we are moving to FL where we would like to purchase our first home...Hoping to apply in July 2012 =) Our scores were pitiful this past july in the mid to high 400's, Just checked my scores today and TU went from a 496 to 569 so far over the past 4mo (we paid off a car loan, opened two secured credit cards, and I was approvedf or a Military Star credit card with a CL of 3100.00 which totally jumped my scores!)  Hubby's scores for TU went from 416 to a 544 in four months as well...REALLY hoping these rehabbed loans will put my middle score over 640 so we can buy a house, we should have all old debts/collections paid off by January and even though they don't help your score much hopefully it will at least look better!

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