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Re: I can help with your Student Loan(s)

@nascar....This is one of the most common problem I am dealing with on a daily basis.  The DOE made a veryt big mistake when they were becoming more technologically advanced.  They switched over from a legacy system to a titanium system.  In doing so they had to move the millions of accounts from system to system, things got very screwed up.  Now the problem is that all the payments made in the months that it took them to do that were not posting to accounts at that time.  Now they have all accounts transfered and are getting the payment posted to each account.  That is what has been your hold up because they dont know you finished the program yet.  In my specualtion all account will have been updated with the payments in the next month to month and a half.  My advise is to check with ED if your account has been updated with payments.  Also you have regained elegibility for FHA loans, but I think you were speaking more in terms of the credit score not being where it needs to be for the loan for your house.  Call the DOE or collection agency that has your loan and ask how many payments have posted.  Let me know what they say and we will go from there. 


The DOE knows they had a major screw up with the conversion from system to system.  It went horribly wrong and they know that.