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Re: Mohela and Direct Loans
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assuming this is true, this is huge news!  Can't wait til they report.  It is weird thought that Direct Loans is reporting differently on each of my reports.  On EX it reports just the closed/transferred account from 9/11, on TU it was only reporting the closed account from 9/11, then out of nowhere today Direct Loans reported for the month of October 2011 that all 6 of my loans were open and in good standing as well.  While on EQ, it reports the closed/transferred account, but has reported all 6 accounts as current for the life of the loans.  I don't get it.  Unfortunately it is only my EX report that matters to me now, which is the one I need to update...hopefully Mohela doesn't wait the full 60 days in all cases.

EX-774 (Amex Fico) 8/12
EQ-725 (Fico) 1/12
TU-729 (Fico) 3/12