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Re: dept edu 90 day late--Success!

reve wrote:

OMGosh I'm so glad to run into your post. I also had a recent late with US DEP OF ED dated back since NOV 2011 which they have reported 120 days late until FEB 2012. I have never had any lates before in my credit report, but with 4 120+days late reported twice due to having two accounts with them (ridiculous), my credit score plummeted by over 100 points!!!  I found out about the lates through pulling up my credit report prior to trying to purchase a new home! The thing was, (u probably know) they moved their entire system to a new website, I didn't know about it, didnt think about it bc I always had my account on autopay before this happened.  I mailed in and also faxed Direct Loans a goodwill letter explaining what had happened since March 12th but have yet to hear anything from them! May I please ask who did you contact in order to get a return phone call with such great news?? I've called into Direct Loans Servicing and spoke to supervisors every other day to see if they have any updates, but they always blame their credit department (which they have no communication with) that they are backed up and have not got to my letter yet. My fear is that my letters are tossed somewhere on the corner of of someones desk and no one will do anything about it. Its been more than a month!!  Im so anxious to get this resolved as I am having a brand new baby in August. Im hoping to be able to get approved for a mortgage before then! Im so sorry for the long long message, but please please help me!!!! I am desperate! I vow to post my story if I ever succeed so that others can also learn!!! Thank you so much!!!

Did you send the letter certified? 


I'd sue them if they don't resolve it, not so much for money but to get it resolved.