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Sallie Mae: Private loan help

I was late, but previously had been paying for a forbearance, $150 every 3 months. I was working at an ice cream shop and a call center, plus substitute teaching. All part-time jobs. I wasn't even making $800 a month after taxes. This was in 2010. Sallie Mae refused to allow me another forbearance because I ran out of forbearance time. I explained how I'm working all of these part-time jobs and trying to find a real job to make the 1,100 month payment that's why I needed the forbearance. I told them it was hard enough to make $150 for the private loan but they didn't care. So I reported them to the FDIC and then was given more forbearance time and brought out of delinquency (120 days late). It's not fair considering that I asked for a forbearance and was  refused. Now the loan is brought current, it's been on my credit report for 2 years. I tried Goodwill letter, spoke with the Customer Advocate and nothing changed. So I'm on a letter everyday of the year to Sallie Mae, until they remove the negative reports. I just keeping faxing letters and asking for documentation.  Has anyone ever been successful getting their lates removed from Sallie Mae? I was never given information stating that forbearance would run out, I was only told it was denied.