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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!
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Could someone please pm or email me this contact information.  Thank you very much in advance!


Hi fighterpilot and welcome to the forums.


I had to edit part of your post. Personal information is not allowed to be posted in the public forums. You of course are welcome to exchange such things via PM (Private Message).


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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

Congrats in your success with ACS.

Can you please provide me witht the P.O.C at ACS?

I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!
PleasePM me your contact as well, thanks in advance!and congratulations with your success

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

Congrats! Always a battle with these people. If I could get a PM with a contact as well it would greatly be appreciated, thank you!

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

Congrats!!! I have contacted them through the general customer service will no luck. Could you please give me the contact info you used?

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

I would definitely like a pm regarding a decent contact within ACS. I have 10 90 day lates from when I was fighting with the VA for my POST 9/11 GI Bill for my benefits. I spoke with Customer Service today and explained the situation. I don't think it's going to go very far and I would greatly appreciate that info! Smiley Happy

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

hey there do u mind PM me ACS email contact? it would be most appreciated. Thanks

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

cl0ne666 wrote:

Searched for a good contact on the internet for ACS and sent in a GW letter. Two days later, received a call from ACS regarding the email and called back on Monday to notify me they forwarded it to my alma mater who is the debtor and can make the final call. Received a call next day from the lady at ACS to inform me that my alma mater accepted a one time adjustment on my account to remove the 30 day and 60 day lates! Whooo! Now just waiting for when they will actually do this and reflect my credit report. How long should I expect this to be corrected in my credit reports? 

Congrats that is awesome!!!  Nice to know that ACS will do this.  ACS has been the servicer of my loans since 2010... Fortunately I've nver been late, but you never know...


Thanks for sharing your story!

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!

If you don't mind could you also PM the contact info. Thanks! Smiley Happy

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Re: ACS Goodwill Success!
Can someone Please pm me the contact info of acs when sending a goodwill letter. Thanks