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Re: Diversified Collection Services Student Loan



I came across this post, and though you have probably contacted DCS by now, I just wanted to give you some advice based on my experiences with them. They are easier to work with than I thought they would be, but it has been really difficult to get them to update my credit report, etc. now that I have completed my rehab. I have to call them all the time, and even then they don't do everything I ask them to.


Also, according to the Dept. of Ed., it showed that a few payments of my payments were missing, even though I had paid them. The way DCS' automatic payments showed up in my bank statement, they didn't have enough specific information to "prove" that they were payments made to DCS. If I had had cancelled checks, I could have resolved it with DOE right then and there. But because DCS signed me up for a direct debit program, I had to have DCS update the information in the system for me. Which was another long wait.


I also have the direct number for a supervisor there, if you end up having to take care of your rehab. yourself, after the 9 payments like I did. For some reason, whenever you call the 800#, it always put you thru to your assigned rep., so getting a supervisor's number was pretty exciting. Smiley Happy


Just a few things I wanted to let a fellow Red Sox fan know!