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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

Today I sent, through my school's legal service (I'm in grad school now, but don't worry, it was free), a more "persuasive" packet to TU with back up documentation of my protests to citibank, back to summer 2009. We'll see if that does anything. They agreed that this is a delicate situation and they see why I don't want to "poke the bear" by forcefully hunting down the prom note via citibank. I can't point my finger at my mother (criminally)-- I still have siblings at home, and I couldn't, emotionally, be responsible for that. Citibank has received letters from her saying that there was a mistake, these loans were never supposed to be in my name. At least she has tried to correct her mistake, and I have proof of that.


BUT: I also had a phone consult with a lawyer (referred by a friend) who said that the "poke the bear" thing was a false fear-- that in a huge corporation like Cit, these departments are far enough away from each other that me getting my prom note isn't going to "flag" me or cause them to sue me any faster.


The SOL will do that-- and we don't know the SOL yet for me, because my permanent residence at the time of the loan, the location of the school to to which money was disbursed, lender's headquarters, and my current state of residence are all different states. And one has a disastrously long SOL-- 15 years. He says getting the paperwork via Qualified Written Request will clear this up.


He says I need to write a Qualified Written Request to the creditor as it appears on my CR. What do you all think?


Should I try to do this from a lawyer's office, in case cit doesn't have my current address?


IOBA: I was at the divorce trial. There's nothing in the settlement. My mother's lawyer didn't deal with them (we both told her), and my stepfather perjured himself about several matters.