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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

I submitted the QWR to citibank using the legal services office as the return address. If they don't have my home address, I'm not giving  it now. They have either 20 or 60 days to respond with all the documentation-- can't get a sure answer on that either. But they didn't answer my lawyer's letter, so we'll see.


I submitted the refund inquiry to my college. Who they made the check out to or what account they directed deposited it in will tell me a lot.


Now I wait.


My dad (my real dad, uninvolved in any of this) came this weekend, and i told him the whole thing. I guess i was hoping he would say, "hey, she's not perfect, but there's no way she would do that. there's got to be a mistake." He said he wasn't surprised, and then told me a lot about her that I sure wish he'd told me when i was seventeen, instead of now. But even knowing (and caring about) the people involved, he feels very strongly that i have to see this through, and that i can't protect her from something she did. I'm just devastated, frankly. 


Anyway-- i'll keep you posted on the paperwork.