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Re: Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

bornhuge wrote:

I owe a ton in student loans, but I'm not for legislation wiping out my student loand debt or anybody else's.  We borrowed it, we should pay it.

This doesn't wipe out student loan debt for anyone.  Even if this bill passes, as a federal employee, I would end up paying back most, if not all, of the principal amount that I borrowed.  What it'll keep me from doing is what is right now my reality:  paying back the amount that I borrowed 3-4 times over by the time I'm finally finished.  


It's not "forgiveness," it's "relief" for people who need it - middle income people who pay all their bills but can never get ahead, and also don't get any assistance or qualify for the tax credits/deductions that are available to lower income people.  


It would also be great for the economy.

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