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What can I expect?? Rehabbing with Windham Professionals

I am currently rehabbing with Windham Professionals.  I am 7 months into it and going good.


My question is, what can I expect in the way of score change, TR deletions ect. on my CR?  I currently have 7 TR's from Nelnet all showing $0 balance, some showing up as Pays as Agreed and some showing up as 120+ all with a status of claim filed with governmnet.  I also have 1 TR from Colorado Student Loans (I am assuming this was my consolodation) for my total $22,848 in loans showing as a Collection Account.


So....once I make my 9th payment and the loan is sold, what do you guys think will happen on my CR?  Will the Nelnet lines go away?  If they don't will the lates be cleared?  Will the Colorado Student loan TR show current and will my lates go away on this TR?


Any info you guys can provide will be appreciated!!  Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!