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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

I too had my mother steal my identity when I was young and abused it until I was 20. I had suspiciouns as mail was showing up when I was younger with a fake name similar to mine with just one added letter on the first name making it a girls name.


After sprint slipped up on the call back about the unpaid account I had confirmation of my biggest fear...



Unfortunatly, I never reported the crime. I struggled for 10 years with all three credit bureaus trying to get a free report. It wasn't until just 1 month ago at age 29 I got equifax to stop adding that stupid name back on my report forcing me to dispute it yearly. I was never able to get any form of credit, even though I cleared the utilities away from causing problems. Now Eq has a 1 year of history, eq 12, and tu of 4, ranging from 300-330 when I started to 670 now. Only after a year of a secured card.



In retrospect I wish I had done more. It is a tough situation to be in. It is you mother, and if your father didn't qualify she did what she thought was right I suppose, which is better than what I went through. You also said she had a Myfico account, perhaps she was trying to keep up with it as best she could. 


I know it sucks, but you did get the education. It appears you would have taken the loans anyway. I do see a major problem with the refund never reaching you though. That should be resolved. It isn't your fault they defaulted either, that is a issue you might need a cold one and a long conversation with your mom. I know it isn't easy but you came a long way. You're 2/3 cra's, make sure to hit up chexsystems to for the free report. Stay on top of TU. If nothing else, fill out some apps for you mom for a part time job so you can both tag team the debt perhaps. She kinda owes you...



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