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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

No, I very much doubt that I would have taken out the loans if my family had told me what the real situation was. But I wasn't given the opportunity to make that choice, so. No, I do not think I should be held liable for the loans. I did not consent to them, and they were taken out under totally false pretenses and hidden from me.


But that's the thing with this student-loan ID theft: did you receive benefit from the stealing of your identity? The answer would have to be yes. I went to the school, not knowing that the money to pay for it had been stolen from me. Had the "gift" they'd given me been a car or other material goods, I could have returned them when I found out the goods were paid for with money stolen from me. No such luck with the college gift.


The best possible outcome is that Citi will allow her to take responsibility for the loans without pursuing her on criminal charges. If they do that, I will help pay them down, but only through her. These loans have been in dispute as long as I've known about them-- never a single payment. I don't know what the hell she was thinking. She is, as I have recently and painfully learned, irrational in her decisions.


If Citi wants me to pay them back for fraudulent loans, I guess they will have to sue me. Fortunately, I guess, I'm very poor. I make enough to live on and live within my means-- but I never thought I'd be socked with $80K in fraudulent debt. I have to pay down the federal loan (another $12K) anyway, and that I will do alone.