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Re: Direct Loans and Cornerstone both reporting balances

I have the same thing going on with Direct Loans and Mohela, On EXP and EQ it shows I have 5 loans open at once not the 2 that reality reflect.


Direct Loans had my 2 loans under 1 tradeline, Then last fall they split them into 2 loans and backdated it. Helped my AAoA's a ton but only showed closed on TU for the first loan. Then at the beginning of the year they transferred them to Mohela and to date they are still shown as open on all 3 from Direct Loans along with Mohela.


So my Installment debt is killing my DTI, I was denied a loan a few months ago due to it. My actual installments should be 18k (10k Car and 8k SL) But on 2 reports it shows I have over 39k installment debt.


I tried to contact Direct loans last month and their response was "We'll continue to reports loans and if a payment is late it will be reported" So apparently they didn't read my message.