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Need help resolving student loan lates with GW

I've got some serious derogs that are holding me back on my credit report.  Yes, they are legit, because I didn't understand forebearance and all that.  I've been current on all loans for the last 12 months and would like to hear other suggestions for getting the lates removed. Yes, I've tried GW letters since the beginning of the year to no avail. I usually sent 2-3 a month, but I'm getting no feedback.  Please help as I know some of you have had success with Sallie Mae, Nelnet and ACS.

Here's what it looks like on my reports:


Sallie Mae (2011) - May (90), June (120), July (150)

Sallie Mae (2010) - May (90), September (90), October (120), November (150)

Nelnet x 2 (2011) - May  (90), June  (90), August  (90)


ACS Education x 2  (2011) - August (60)


Thanks in advance.  This is my last hurdle in effort to get cleaner reports.

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