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Re: Double posting student loan
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Contact the student loan ombudsmen, thats what I did. Then contact the FTC and the CFPB. Why should those running student loans have free will to do whatever they want to individuals credit reports without any reprecussions? If they mess up, its "oh well, we are having issues". If I mess up, it's 7 years of bad credit and whatever else they decide to impose. I paid my loans off months ago, and they are NOW showing up as being currently in collections. The whole thing is a fiasco, and somebody needs to get on their behind.


Take my advice. Do not let this just lay dorment, thinking it will all get worked out in the end. Read around this board, and some of the other boards. You may very well find yourself paying off one of those tradelines, only to find that in 2,5,7,10 years somebody is contacting you saying you now owe 10,000 or whatever the case may be. Get it in writing from the first place that, you owe them nothing. Get it in writing when you pay them off in full. Keep the emails you sent/received from ombudsmen and anyone else. Don't just take their word on the phone. They will tell you, on the phone, don't worry you are all set, then weeks, months later,  you are receiving bills, and the person on the phone is nowhere to be found.