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Wife is trying her luck w/ a Sallie Mae 90 delete.

So My wife went to school and got a SL, then after school paid and had it on autopayments.   When she started school again, she never asked for them to stop taking payments, but they did, for 2 years they stopped.    I asked my wife about it, she thought she had paid her debt, and so I left it alone.  


FF to This year she graduates school, and a month before that we had switched banks after moving.  8 months later we pull credit to get our home and see 90+ late on her SM. 


So after she had graduated from school, they started to draft out of our old account. We never got a notice from our old bank or SM.  


My wife called them, and they were super nice offering a backdated  forbearance.  She has to call back 3 times to get it, and when she does finally get it emailed to her, it's stating a deferment and it's NOT for the right dates. 



I'm having her call back tomorrow and ask for the correct dates. 


My questions. 


1. Does a backdated forbarance or deferment  mean they are going to delete it from her report?    This is KILLING our score, and I'm afraid we're not going to be able to close on our home because of this. 


2. Will they fax/email/ fly  me a letter stating 0 late payments, always current?  That's what the lender is asking for in the case we have to do a rapid rescore. 



Our DTI is perfect, as well as everything else lines up. The only thing that  is killing is is this Sallie Mae 90 day bad mark on her CR. 



Thanks in advance, if anyone had any numbers, or emails please PM them to me.