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Post rehab question

I rehabbed my SL last year. They came out of rehab technically last october however REALLY didn't come out till Feb of this year due to a "glitch" they seemed to have every month.


Anyways all the bad tradelines were removed (1 loan but it had 4 lines - one for each year of school) from all 3 of my reports.


I was honky dory till now - I  checked my Experian report last month and BAM one of them is back and in its full glory! showing all the lates and status was "collections". I filed a dispute with the comment taht these were federally rehabbed loans and that per the agreement of rehabbing all negative tradelines were to be removed. I just got a notice saying the dispute has been investigated and that the tradeline has been updated.


Its still there with all the same info, but now there was a note saying "dispute filed with the government". Not sure what that is supposed to mean.


My CURRENT loans are all in good standing and on my postives it shows 3 of them (again technically 4 loans for each year) as all info deleted and "paid in full") except for this ONE part. How do I get this removed. The rehabbed loans now are all up to date, no lates and are also showing correctly.


Not sure how to handle this. Tried calling Direct Loans today, but I guess they only answer calls M-F.

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