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Re: Post rehab question



Just got off the phone with Direct Loans.


Was KINDA comforting and not overly helpful - but I guess the person I talked to didn't have access to that info needed and couldn't tell me who to talk to or call.


Here is what I was told - they JUST recieved the dispute notification and are in the process of investigating. I said "I recieved a letter saying it was resolved and updated" and she said well it says here that we just recieved notification of the dispute of the tradeline last week.


She said that if its true that it was in my terms of rehabbing the loans (1 for each year) then it must have been an oversight and that once they do their part of the investigation of the dispute that it will be removed. She said if I had 3 of them removed from this report then the 4th should have been removed too.


She asked who sent me the letter - I replied with and she basically just said "huh, they didn't send us any notifcication until last week"


I'm hoping it was just a glitch, but I guess we'll see in a month or so.

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