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Re: Wife is trying her luck w/ a Sallie Mae 90 delete.

Let me state this: Anything is possible.  The likelihood that they will remove it is slim to none, you'll have to dispute his with the CBs.  Be prepared to provide proof of enrollment for the time she was in school that loans should have been in forbearance.  When you are read the terms of the forbearance, the lingo that you agree to states something about them not clearing a delinquency previously reported..I know because I've had one in the past.  I recently had a 90 late in March, it didn't stop me from refi'ng my car and getting AMEX, CHASE and GE cards this past week.  I told the manager at my CU that it was a miscommunication between my servicer and I..  They reported my lateness a week after I paid them and came current.