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Re: Student Loan Help!

InvincibleSummer2 wrote:

If the debt was to the school itself, then you would of course be able to go to another school. But the same school? You're probably going to have to figure out a way to settle that debt before you can go back.


Think of it like a credit card - there are lenders out there that will blacklist you if your burn them. Amex is one. If I'm a University, and you have owed me money for a decade, I have every right to want that money if you intend to re-enroll.

I wonder if the state SOL would apply....but yes the school can still blacklist the person. I know the university I attended was doing this. The unfortunate thing for them was, they forgot about the 6 month grace period for loans. So in my case when the credit agency called, I explained the situation and he said, he would call back in 6 months. I than said, but I will ask for my forbearance than.....he laughed and said in Yoda language, "PFD I will accept"! 

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