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Re: Sallie Mae and Extra Student Loan Payments

southfloridalease wrote:

Currently, I have a loan with Sallie Mae with a balance of $2365.45.  My minimum payment due is $189.69, which I am on automatic bill pay, and I have been consistent for the past 3 years.  Over the past 6 months, I have made an additional payment of $111.31 every month to Sallie Mae to try and pay off my student loan early...I have noticed that Sallie Mae isn't reporting me making additional payments to the CR agencies.  Does anyone know why?  When I contacted Sallie Mae, I was told that they are only responsible to report that I am making payments on time, and that the minimum amount is being paid. 



Fico Scores :  TRW 689, EQ 693, EX 733 want Sallie Mae to show that you are not paying them all thier profits? What I would be concerned about is the origninal amount owed, current amount owed, when the loan was opened, status of the loan, scheduled monthly payment, and being in the 'green' meaning, on-time....thats just me though....

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