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Consolidating Student Loans When You Don't Have Anything Else on Your Credit Report

I have a FICO of 503.  Ouch.  Last time I checked, it was almost 600.  It dropped drastically when I fell behind on my student loans (around $18,500 and listed as 13 separate accounts).  I don't have any credit cards.  I don't have a mortgage.  I don't have a car loan.  I have a few collections, but they're all from at least 3 years ago and total less than $1000.  I have some things that show as late but were never sent to collections.  These also total less than $1000 and are all from 2008 or 2009.  I have a judgment for around $4000 that is paid in full.  It doesn't even show up on my ScoreWatch.  


I know a lot of people say consolidating won't help, but I have very little debt other than the student loans, and none of it is recent.  If I consolidate and then pay on time for a few months, do you think that will increase my score drastically?  If not, what would you do if you were me?