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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

Minor update.. My last rehab payment went to Allied Interstate on Friday.


They had asked me to fill out a Direct Loans consolidation form. I asked on the forum about it (no real definitive answers on the validity of it) that night. A day or two later, the same rep from Allied called back and said he made a mistake, and that I didn't need to do the consolidation form. 




Now it's the waiting game. I might have to make an additional payment to Allied, if the loan doesn't get picked up right away. I made the guy check and make sure that would happen automatically. It will. So if my loans get picked up before Oct 28th, I'm calling to make sure they DON'T debit me for that payment. 


Otherwise, looking good. I'm happy to be nearing the end of this.


Hang in there folks. It does end.. Even though it might not feel like it! 


More updates to come!

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