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Im trying to finance school

My finanal advsior let me know that I am $5k aways from reaching my aggrate limit. I have applied for scholarship, Just standing here now.I have been working to get my credit under order. I have 4 cc, Best buy $300 limt, spent $250, Walmart $300. $245 spent,all of those I got in the last mo, and I have Capital on $700, $658 spent, for about a year now. It looks like I have 2 delinqience on be cbr and do not know wheer they can from? I have about 5 medical charge offs, reanging from $16- $648. My currect FICE with transunin says my FICE is 643. What suguestions do you have to improve my credit score? I am a pre OT stduent so I need as much financle help as I can get. Do you know that estimate Fico score that I will need to get a prive loan bank with out a co signer?


Thanks bunched