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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

So....I think I'm picked up!


Final rehab payment went in on the 14th, on the 18th it showed as posted to the Default Resolution Group's website. I called to check in, they had no real news other than "it'll generally take 30-60 days". That said, over the weekend I happened to be logged into the website again and noticed that my debt balance was at zero. today I called in, and lo and behold the account is marked "rehabilitated" as of 9/28. Whatever technological hocus-pocus that needs to happen to transfer to Nelnet for servicing is in progress. I should hear from them by the end of the week. Fingers crossed. I'd sort of had in my head that I'd probably need to make another payment to the CA, but the DRG rep seemed to think that by mid-month I should be set up with Nelnet so I can likely make the payment to them.

Now how long until the CRA's are updated? That's anyone's guess....but hey, it's progress, yes?