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Re: Im trying to finance school

Chena83 wrote:

I tried for a loan today and they told me that my Transuion Fico was 660 but still decline th lower for too many charg offs. What should I do now?

Head over to the Rebuilding Your Credit forum with a copy of your credit report from each bureau (you can get them for free from and use the information you find there to start improving your credit.  You'll find lots of people in your situation who can give you advice about how to attack each negative item and start making progress toward a better score.


For instance, you can sometimes get charge-offs removed by doing a "Pay For Delete" on unpaid accounts, and through goodwill letters for paid accounts.  Each one you remove should provide a boost to your score.


With a score of 660 and high existing loan debt, you may not be able to get a private student loan on your own, and improving your score should also improve your interest rate.