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Sallie Mae, Dept of Edu, and ECSI Late Removal SUCCESS!!!!
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HI Ya'll,

This is my first time posting but I've been a lurker. Smiley Happy  Here's my story:


I had 2 Sallie Mae accounts report 90 & 120 days past due (May and June 2012).  3 Direct Loan (Dept of Edu) accounts report 90 days past due (June 2012).  And 1 ECSI account reporting 30 days past due (August 2012).


As of yesterday ALL of the lates are removed and ALL of my accounts are current!!! 


I have to tell you that this was not an easy task.  I started writing letters and faxing them on 08/08/2012.  After being denied several times from each agency (and a crap ton of research), I finally got to the right people who could help. 


I contacted the office of consumer advocates at Sallie Mae and the Ombudsman at Dept of Edu.  I only contacted the consumer advocate and ombudsman once I exhausted all resources with the customer service departments.  I wanted the consumer advocate and ombudsman to see that I was diligently trying to make amends with my delinquent account status.  I told the truth on why my accounts were past due and it only took a month and a half to get everything taken care of and updated.  I'm ecstatic!  I can finally move forward with building my first home!


Don't give up and NEVER take NO for an answer...EVERYTHING is negotiable! Smiley Happy