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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation And The Effect On Tradelines

scotth1424 wrote:

Small Update:


I received a letter today from USA Funds stating:


On behalf of your student loan guarantor, USA Funds, we would like to congratulate you on the rehabilitation of your defaulted education loans.  At the time of this letter, your lender has purchased your loan and will be contacting you soon regarding a repayment schedule.  In addition, we will notify national consumer reporting agencies to update your credit report by deleteing the USA Funds reporting for the loans that has been rehabilitated.  Please allow at least 90 days from the date of this letter to ensure the deletion has occured.  Your previous loan holder has also been notified of this information for credit reporting purposes.


My Freescore credit report updates Oct. 11th, so i'll be updating soon.

That's pretty awesome.. I can't wait to receive that letter!!


So SM bought your loans back? Did you see any inquiries from the process?


Let us know how the updating process goes. I hear USA Funds only updates quarterly. 

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