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Re: Sallie Mae, Dept of Edu, and ECSI Late Removal SUCCESS!!!!

Ditto for me.  Can you give me the Direct Loan Advocate please?


I have rehabbed my student loans after 9 months.  I made my first payment to DOE this month.  However, the loan has still not been transferred back to DOE and they are still reporting as negative.  I need to elevate this.

MyFico '08 3 Fico Mar15: EQ=706, EX=704, TU=694
Mortgage Ver3 Score: JAN15: EQ= 704, EX=733, TU=697
MyFICO '08: DEC2014: EQ=704, TU=694
MyFICO '08: AUG2014: EQ=707, TU=693, EX=711
MyFICO '08 JUN2014: EQ=700, TU-688
MyFICO JAN2014: EQ=704, TU=720, EX=708
MyFICO MAY13: EQ=701, TU=708, EX=705 (Lender Pull).
MyFICO JAN13: EQ=701; TU = 677) 2 years after filing BK7, 18 months after discharge in JUN11
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MyFICO (JUL12: EQ=671) 13 months after BK7.