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No clue what I'm doing!!

So I've recently been opened up to many opportunities at my current job. These opportunities have much better pay with a degree than without and I will be moving to Pittsburgh, PA. I will have these opportunities until I decide to move as it is with a large company with positions coming open all over.


Ive decided to go back to school, this way when I move to take this job, I will have a much higher starting salary and pay grade, as well as many more areas to pursue. I havent been to school since 2007. I did not flunk out, but I did drop out due to taking less than required credit hours for the semester (11) and losing my scholarship and financial aid, making it impossible for me to continue.


After I left school I couldnt afford a PRIVATE student loan I had taken out, and it defaulted. I had 3 federal loans which were all paid and no missed payments, but the private loan did charge off.


Can I still get a federal student loan to go back to school? Anyone with experience in this, Im so confused and lost. A lot has changed in 5 years.

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