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Pay off part of student loan

I have all my Student loans consolidated with one servicer (Fedloans) and my loans have different account numbers. The loan amounts are $10,009, $10,009 $10,009 and $2,509.  My question is if pay off the $2509 would this help with my fico scores? And is it possible to pay off one and not the other since they all have different account numbers? The monthly payment is only $10.00 for the $2509. Thank you.

Starting Score: EQ: 532, EX: 569, TU: 621 (All lender pull 10/15/11)
Current Score: EQ: 660,lender pull 4/13, EX: 671 lender pull 4/13, TU: 691 lender pull (4/13)
Goal Score: 700

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