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Re: How many of us finish rehab in September?
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InvincibleSummer2 wrote:

This is getting weirder by the day....

So I'm picked up. Nelnet is my new servicer, and I made a small payment to them to test out the online system. (My first payment isn't technically due until November.) is showing my loan balance is zero, and that the loans have been transferred.

BUT. says that my loans are stil in default. The loans are, I believe, not reporting correctly to the CRA's yet. And I haven't been able to get a definitive answer as to whether I'm off the tax offset list for next year.

Trying very hard to stay patient and wait this out. High fives to all of us for finishing rehab, though!

This. I just got an email from Sallie Mae (my original lender) about my account information. Logged into the website, and there is my loan. I don't owe until the end of November either. I never got a letter, I never got a "congratulations" or "welcome" or anything.


I also checked the NSLD. It has not updated yet. Think of that like a credit bureau... it takes a few days to update. I know this because I watched it daily after a SL payment to see how long it took the balance to go down. Just relax!!!!


And of course the loans aren't reporting to the CRAs yet. That could take a couple months depending on your guarantor and lender. These big changes won't happen overnight. Do let us know how it goes. I think some folks had good luck disputing guarantor accounts to make them disappear faster.

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