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Re: How many of us finish rehab in September?

Woohooo! This is huge!!


With a few major exceptions, these things tend to work themselves out in the end. The waiting sucks for sure. I feel like the 8 months of rehab I went through were absolute torture!! Longest 8 months of my life. 


I'm glad things are starting to come together for you. Doesn't it feel great to be out of default??


I hear you on the app itch. I'm driving a 15 year old car and will run over 230k miles ... tomorrow! I desperately want a new hybrid, but I've been waiting for my baddies to age to 2 years and my SL situation to get fixed. All should be well in November/December. And at that time, I'll have almost 50% downpayment on a brand new Toyota. The waiting is brutal, but I know it will all pay off in the end.


Congrats again!!!

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