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Re: How many of us finish rehab in September?

It does feel good, but I have one last straggling Perkins loan that is in rehab until January. So when I log into the NSLDS, I still have one little angry exclamation point-triangle staring at me. But four of the five are in good shape, so that's good news.

And yay for you being so proactive about your car - there are lots of people who aren't as strategic about that decision. I figured Step 1 was the student loans, Step 2 is attack my baddies and garden some positive tradelines, and last but not least hopefully look into buying a house by Spring 2015 at the latest. I bought a used car from a family member, and it's hopefully going to last me until 2016 or thereabouts.


Fingers crossed that neither of us run into the Student Loans mis-reporting issues you sometimes see on this very forum....